Listers Toyota Boston is fully charged with hybrid

Listers Toyota Boston is celebrating a record month as diligent motorists around Lincolnshire make the move to hybrid. With sales of cars in the UK dipping by 15.7% compared to 2017*, the industry has cause for concern. However in March, Toyota Boston bucked the trend achieving an 18% uplift in vehicle sales compared to the general market, 63% of which were hybrid models.

Adam Curt, centre principal at Listers Toyota Boston, said: “I'm thrilled with the results of the past month and am delighted to see so many happy customers rate us highly for the customer service received when taking delivery of their cars. We’ve faced challenges in the past due to town parking, but we’ve now increased the number of dedicated customer car parking spaces – so you’ll be sure to find a space even at peak periods.

“Due to this success and the ongoing increase in interest in hybrid cars, I’m pleased to confirm we’re expanding our team. We’re looking for people to join our sales and service departments, and as one of the largest Toyota dealerships in the Lincolnshire, we’re in a strong position to help develop younger people with our bespoke training programme.”

It’s an exciting time to join the Toyota family with a number of new cars for the UK market being announced. Toyota’s award-winning, self-charging hybrid models don’t need plugging in and are the perfect choice for motorists looking for something new.

Curt added: “Although traditionally more expensive at initial purchase, hybrid cars are much cheaper to run. But, savvy buyers can take advantage of our scrappage scheme, which gives up to £4000 off any new car purchased when trading in a qualifying vehicle, making owning a new, efficient car much more affordable.

“Plus, by owning a hybrid, not only will you help reduce harmful emissions (without changing the way you drive), you’re able to immediately reduce outgoings on fuel and tax along with futureproofing your motoring costs which is unarguably a win-win situation for all drivers.”

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